If you’ve been victimized in the workplace, you are not alone. You have rights, and you have lots of options to protect your rights. Hiring a Seattle Employment Law Attorney may be an option for you. However, which law firm do you trust with your case? Rocke Law has decades of documented success. As a boutique employment law firm, we cater to our client’s needs. By providing one on one attention, and the utmost in client care, we work with our clients at their most desperate time of need. Our job is to fight for you and protect your financial rights as an employee in the State of Washington. Scroll below to learn more about what makes Rocke Law a viable, trusted option. 

Seattle & Bellevue Employment Law Attorneys

Your job is more than just a paycheck, it’s how you provide for yourself and your family. For some, their job is a career, a lifelong goal finally achieved. Employees deserve to feel safe within their workplace. Just as you are required to follow rules and regulations, meet deadlines and hit certain goals by your employer; in turn, your employer is required to follow certain rules as well.

When an employer violates those rules and infringes upon the rights of their employees, the State of Washington needs to know about it. From sexual harassment to wage and hourly pay disputes, employees have options. The Seattle & Bellevue Employment Attorneys at Rocke Law care. They know how stressful a legal situation at work can be.

By taking on a limited number of cases, we ensure that every client receives our full attention. Rocke Law Group is known for our dedication to each case and our willingness to take cases to trial when necessary to get the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience, making us the trusted choice.


Rocke Law isn’t afraid to take your case all the way to court. We prepare to go the distance for our clients – 

Aaron Rocke is a trial-tested Seattle Employment Law Attorney. While we always try to settle a case as quickly as possible, we also prepare to go the distance. See, some law firms look for the easy way out, we don’t. Our job is to fight for your financial rights. We know that your employment with a firm or business is more than just a “job”. It’s your livelihood, and how you provide for yourself and your loved ones. When your rights have been violated at work, our job is to make sure you can still financially provide. While we will present every settlement option to you we also FIGHT for our clients. We are NOT AFRAID to take big businesses and corporations to court. 

If you believe you’ve been victimized in the workplace, or if your past or present employer violated your rights, please contact our law firm now for a free consultation. Don’t feel alone, Rocke Law is here to help you through this and to defend your rights as an employee.