Hiring a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney in Seattle

If you’re contemplating hiring a class action lawsuit attorney in Seattle, give us a call. It’s not an easy task coming to the conclusion file an employment lawsuit. When dealing with cases of this magnitude, speaking to an experienced employment law attorney might be beneficial. Our Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers have years of cases behind them. Furthermore, Mr. Arron Rocke understands both sides of employment law. Having represented corporations and employee clients, Mr. Rocke might have the upper hand with Class Action lawsuits.

If you and a group of coworkers have questions about class action cases and your rights we can help. Our consultations are always confidential, and you and your fellow coworkers can ask all the questions you want. Preparing to file a class action lawsuit requires extensive research. Our attorneys will be preforming thorough due diligence in an effort to build the strongest case possible. Defending your employee rights and protecting your financial interests are our top priorities.

What is the difference between Tort Law and a Class Action Lawsuit in the State of Washington?

There are many differences between tort law and class action lawsuits. Both litigation strategies have the same goal of settling the wrong doings of a single defendant. Tort law and class action lawsuits both represent a group of individuals who have been harmed in similar manners. As these cases revolve around similar underlying issue, the plaintiffs are wrapped into a single proceeding to optimize the caseload of the courts.

Generally, tort cases involve a smaller number of people. Tort cases have a unique feature where each plaintiff carries their case details despite having prosecuted as a group. The main function of this is to consider the unique facts that comprise each individual. This means that different members of the tort litigation can receive different outcomes. A common example of a tort case can be seen in the pharmaceutical industry. If each member experiences different injuries as a result of using a drug or product, the prosecuting members would file under tort law but would receive individualized outcomes. It’s in the individual’s best interest to be compensated based on their specific case details and thus they should use tort law.

Who Handles Class Action Lawsuits in Seattle, WA?

Class action lawsuits are representative of an entire group. The main difference is that they collectively are treated as a single plaintiff. A designated leader acts on behalf of the group to settle damages caused by the defendant to the class action body. Each settlement will be the same for each member of the lawsuit. By becoming a part of a class action, you give up your unique facts to join a larger prosecution body. Class action lawsuits are more specific with each member sharing defining characteristics with not much deviation in individual experiences. While tort law and class action suites can be overwhelming, it’s encouraged to speak to a legal counsel to find the best option for you. Don’t let corporations continue to take advantage of the working people who dedicate their lives to the company’s success. You deserve fairness and justice. Set up a consultation now.

How many people at my company need to sue for a class action lawsuit? 

It’s often confused how many people at a company need to sue for a class action lawsuit to occur. There is no magic number for the number of individuals needed to officially form a suit. Having more members involved will bring more attention to the case, but a class action isn’t defined by the number of people involved. Having a group larger than 50 people is recommended as it signals a specific problem with common characteristics. When the class action suit involves a smaller party, courts may sometimes prefer to file the matter on an individual basis due to a broader potential scope of damages. It’s highly recommended to consult a licensed attorney before taking any steps in court.

If you feel that you’ve been wronged or taken advantage of, it’s important to have a consultation with an attorney. It’s also vital to discuss with your peers to understand the magnitude of the companies’ misdoing. Understand where everyone stands about filing a lawsuit. This will guide your decision on what is the best next step for you. If there are discrepancies in individual testimonials, it’s suggested to set up a consultation with a lawyer to better understand your rights and the most effective plan of action.

Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Results 

While no attorney can guarantee you any outcome, speaking to a legal advisor is beneficial in protecting your rights and putting an end to the ongoing harm. A legal advisor is essential in drafting the correct paperwork and sharing stories of similar cases happening in your area. You are not alone when it comes to being taken advantage of. Many people never make the first step of seeking legal advice. It’s a quick and easy step that will provide incredible insight into your situation and potential outcomes. There is no commitment required in setting up a consultation.

What type of attorney handles a class action lawsuit?

The best attorney to handle your class action lawsuit is one with past class action lawsuit experience. Any attorney can represent you in the court of law but choose an attorney that focuses on class action suits. Tort law and class action lawsuits are highly complex and involve multiple parties. These cases can be lengthy and having the right team will shorten the duration and generate favorable results. It’s important to consider an attorney’s case history and past outcomes in evaluating their effectiveness.

There are hundreds of class action attorneys in the Seattle area. While deciding on one can be difficult, speaking to attorney’s previous clients speaks volumes on their capabilities and ability to yield results. Class action suits rest heavily on the legal team pushing the matter. These cases are lengthy and dense. It’s important to pick the very best attorney with the very best team. When handling delicate matters, it’s important to only go with the best. It will make the difference in your outcome.

Why Hire Rocke Law to handle a Class Action lawsuit? 

Rocke Law is constantly ranked one of the best class action and tort law firms in the Seattle area. We have an incredible driven team that has worked with large and small clients. From taking on large corporations to going up against the United States government, we don’t shy away from a legal fight. Protecting our client’s rights is what we do best. We don’t step away from any challenge and we thrive in times of ambiguity. We are trail blazers among our peers and we consistently craft creative solutions.

We are happy to share some of our past cases and the results we were able to generate. We don’t shy away from fighting for what is right. Our methodic approach ensures that you are in the best hands. Set up a consultation today so that we can get started on your case.

Talk to a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney in Seattle, WA 

The first step in resolving any litigation is speaking to a qualified class action lawsuit attorney in Seattle, WA. At Rocke Law, we have been incredibly successful in our 30 plus years of combined employment ligation action experience. Our work is recognized both inside and outside the courtroom. We are proud to have just been awarded an AV rating from the Martindale Hubbell peer review system. We boast outstanding reviews on AVVO and we have successfully settled hundreds of cases amounting to millions of dollars in payouts.

Our work speaks for itself. In addition, our glowing client testimonials and reviews all you to hear from our past clients. This may help you learn about their experiences and how our meticulous approach makes the difference in your outcome. We are proud to serve the Seattle, Bellevue, and King County areas. It’s home to amazing and hard-working individuals. We pride ourselves on protecting the people who dedicate their lives to large companies.

These large corporations often take advantage of county wide tax breaks and subsidies. There is no place for companies to take advantage of their best asset – their people. We are a full-fledged law firm with expertise in contract negotiations, employment contracts, harassment, and privacy rights. There is nothing we can’t accomplish when it comes to your rights in the workplace. Set up a consultation now so we can pave the way to fairness and justice. You won’t regret it.