Hiring a Wage and Hour Dispute Attorney in Seattle

Hiring a wage and hour dispute attorney in Seattle is the first step in being compensated honestly and fairly. Nothing is worse than working long and hard hours only to not be paid. A recent study found that one out of four employees are not paid legal minimum wage. No employer should ever take advantage of their employees. This is illegal and cannot continue. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of and a victim of unlawful pay practices, you must speak up. It will only continue if we don’t stand up to these large corporations.

At Rocke Law, we have successfully resolved hundreds of unlawful pay practices. We defend your right to fair compensation. We fight to resolve the wage violations that are so common in the Seattle and Bellevue areas. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We have fought some of the biggest corporations and companies, even going up against the government at times. Aaron Rocke and our team of Seattle Employment Attorneys don’t shy away from a challenge no matter the company size.

It’s about fighting for the wages you deserve. We pride ourselves on giving your case personalized attention. Each case is unique and must be handled with utmost care. All work is completed in house to ensure quality work and optimal results. We are an end to end law firm that can deliver you the results you deserve. We are eager to tackle your case and ensure you are being treated fairly by your employer.

Wage and Hour Disputes and Steps to Take if Your Feel You’ve Been Wronged at Work

The first step should be to reach out to your supervisor about your situation. Communication is key when handling compensation cases and your manager may know best. For your own records, keep an updated record of your work hours and pay stubs to further protect yourself. This will be beneficial moving forward in comparing your actual hours worked versus paid hours. It’s also vital to talk to an experienced attorney who have settled unlawful pay cases before. They carry the expertise and understanding on how to handle these sensitive but important matters.

Wage compensation is a delicate topic and must be cared for in the utmost care. It’s important not to make any false acquisitions or rush to a judgement. When beginning your case, be sure to work cordially with your employer. It’s not in your best interest to burn any bridges or upset the other party. Consult an attorney to ensure a speedy and successful outcome.

What rights do I have if I am being paid incorrectly at work?  

If you are being paid incorrectly at work, you must reach out to your supervisor. You have every right to be compensated as stated in your employment contract. If you are confused about your compensation, simply request a copy of the employment agreement signed prior to starting the job. Reaching out the human resource team or your manager are great first steps in obtaining a copy. All companies are required to retain copies of your employment contract. In the state of Washington, your employment agreement is enforceable in the court of law.

Large corporations must adhere to the terms outlined in the written agreement. Employees should not be pressured to misreport overtime hours or ignore mistakes in compensation. Speaking to an experienced professional about your situation will add insight into your case. They can outline courses of action to ensure you are paid. Speaking about wages in the workplace is difficult. It’s a taboo topic, but it’s something that pertains to all of us. It happens across King County and this malpractice needs to stop with your case.

Consulting an attorney before making any decision is highly recommended. They will help guide you around the pitfalls in standing up what is right.

How do I collect unpaid overtime wages? 

For starters, you can call a Seattle Employment Law Attorney to schedule a consultation. Collecting unpaid overtime wages should be handled as soon as possible. The more time that elapses, the more difficult it is to collect your unpaid overtime wages. Maintaining an active log of your work hours will enable an easier road to settlement. Every company is different in handling overdue overtime hours. Be sure to contact the human resource department and your manager to discuss the process of collecting unpaid hours.

Seeking a consultation with an attorney is beneficial in determining if this issue is happening to you and your peers. Companies should not be able to get away with taking advantage of their employee’s hours. Your employment contract should outline your eligibility of receiving overtime compensation. Be sure to obtain a copy and have your attorney review it to ensure you are compensated fairly. If you would like information on hiring a wage and hour dispute attorney in Seattle call us now.

Rocke Law is an employment rights law firm with a long history of success. Aaron Rocke has been recognized by AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell, and Super Lawyers. Only five percent of lawyers in Washington are named by Super Lawyers. This award is based on Mr. Rocke’s track record defending unlawful compensation pay practices in addition to our client reviews. We are extremely proud to have received this award. This only encourages us to continue to our fight for your rights. We have successfully settled hundreds of cases across the State of Washington and we are excited to tackle yours.

If I file a complaint for unpaid wages can I keep my job? 

Filing a complaint for unpaid wages should not lead to a termination of your employment. Standing up for what is right in the court of law is not grounds for being fired. An employer cannot shame, guilt, or encourage you to report less hours than you worked. This applies to all hours worked including receiving overtime compensation. The overtime wage rules in Washington are strict and clear in their terms. There is no exception when it comes to not paying employees for hours worked.

It’s always best to reach out internally to your manager and peers before filing a complaint. Many times, unpaid compensation can be a mistake within reporting or a miscommunication with your manager. If speaking to your manager yields no results, it’s recommended to reach out to the payroll department. The payroll team knows best with regards to overtime hours, unpaid hours, and outstanding balances. Be sure to save your emails with the company’s resource department to help better monitor your case.

Speaking to a licensed attorney can add additional layers of protection. Our attorneys have published articles in legal journals and other publications on these exact issues. They have the legal expertise, hands on experience, and acumen to retrieve the wages you deserve. Our team has a specialized knowledge in compensation cases. We speak at employment law conferences and forums every year to share our experience representing hard working employees in the Seattle and Bellevue area. Call now to resolve your compensation issues.

Benefits of Hiring a Wage and Hour Dispute Attorney in Seattle

An employment law lawyer can help you navigate he complicated waters of filing a lawsuit. Look, if you’re boss or company is so brash to not pay you the correct way, chances are they are going to put up a fight. Our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys have years of experience handled complex litigation issues. If you want to give yourself the best chance at a positive financial settlement, hiring a wage and hour dispute attorney in Seattle may be your best bet.