Hiring an Employment Law Attorney in Seattle, WA

Are you dealing with an issue you think might be too much for you to handle yourself with the HR Department at your place of employment? Trust me; you’re not alone. Not only is this a common source of stress for millions of employees throughout the country, most of them simply do not have the educational capacity to know how to work through it. Take my word for it, hiring an experienced employment law attorney should be a priority. When issues like discrimination, wage and hourly discrepancies, health care benefit disputes, independent contractor rights, equal pay conflicts or even paid leave and/or parental leave factors exist within your personal work environment, your daily work and personal life can become unbearably stressful. As you can see, there are many specific reasons that you may need a lawyer to guide you through a difficult work situation. Let’s discuss a few broader reasons as to why an employment attorney can be so beneficial to you, no matter the particular workplace issue you’re having. Or, if you have questions about hiring an employment law attorney in Seattle, WA you can call us at (206) 880-3175.

Three Reasons to Hire an Employment Law Attorney

Hiring an employment law attorney in Seattle, WA isn’t difficult. In fact, you probably found us by searching online. While you have lots of options when retaining an attorney, you may want to perform your own due diligence as to which law firm to hire. We believe we are a viable option, we also believe our Seattle employment attorneys know how to protect your interests during a labor or employment dispute.

Although there are countless specific scenarios and individually unique circumstances in each and every employment law case, knowing whether or not an employment law attorney can help with your stand-alone situation is important. Let’s just touch on what employment law attorneys do and when you should hire one. They sometimes assist and advise both employees and employers on exactly what laws have been compromised. First and foremost, a quality lawyer specializing in employment cases initiated by the employee will always ensure that there is fair and consistent treatment for you and that an employer is being held accountable and responsible for all workplace laws that are not being adhered to. For the simple fact that you are most likely not as educated as an attorney in the realm of employee rights issues, here are the three reasons why you should seriously consider hiring an Employment Law attorney.

Understanding Employment Law

Just like other areas of the law, employment law is vast, too vast, in fact, for a layman to navigate through all of its twists and turns successfully. There is simply too much information, and there are simply too many branch-off factors that can impact your particular case that you should not expect yourself to know. Therefore, it is more than reasonable that you would hire an attorney to educate you on certain laws, especially as they may pertain to your workplace claim. To say that hiring an employment law attorney when you’re dealing with a stressful, frightening, potentially legal problem with your employer would be helpful is like saying that being around someone who knows the Heimlich Maneuver when you’re choking on a tough piece of meat would be helpful. Heck yah it would be helpful! Actually, let’s just say it’s darn essential. If your employer was making it a priority to follow and to be in compliance with the laws that are in place to protect you, then you wouldn’t even be reading this article, so don’t let them off the hook or give them the benefit of the doubt. Third-party legal representation, in the form of a lawyer whose specialty is employment law, is precisely who you should be depending on to make sure that you understand your rights and employment law in general.

Protecting Your Best Interests

Now… this is a biggie. What does protecting someone’s best interests really mean and entail? Who can you truly count on to “protect your best interests” when you’re in the midst of an employment dispute? You may have a nice working relationship or even a long history with your employer, which makes hiring an attorney to address a legal workplace issue quite awkward. Nevertheless, you must ask the question, “who has my best interests in mind?” The answer is simple; your lawyer does. Your lawyer’s sole purpose is to protect you, literally, from the employer whose main purpose is to protect themselves or the company. That is what we in the legal world call a conflict of interest. It is absolutely impossible for your employer to have your best interests at heart or to claim to be protecting your best interests when those interests are diametrically opposed to the very law-breaking acts that created the situation you are currently in. Now that we’ve established that you cannot count on your employer to sincerely be protecting your best interests, then who can you count on? Your attorney! Your attorney! Your attorney.

Getting Paid What You Deserve

Okay… an employee claiming that he/she is not being paid or has not been paid what they deserve or what was agreed upon verbally is quite common. Now that doesn’t mean it will be an easy case for you to win within the walls of your employer and the HR Department. When it comes to MONEY, nothing is easy for an employment law attorney, as nobody, especially employers, want to give one red cent more than they absolutely have to. Because of this, having an attorney who knows the various ways your employer might be breaking the law, especially when it comes to paying you what you deserve and promptly, is monumentally important. Here’s a news flash… your attorney will know more than you and will look under every nook and cranny to get you paid what you deserve and in a timely manner that the law requires.

So we’ve covered some solid information here today, but don’t forget one very important factor when choosing an employment law attorney for your case… he/she could practice any area of law, but they chose employment law because they actually care about helping employees who are being taken advantage of by their employers. The right attorney will take great pride in helping you understand employment law, protecting your best interests and getting you paid what you deserve. If you or a loved one have been the victim or are being victimized presently by an employer not following the law, then please call Rock Law to be your ally during this most strenuous and difficult of times.