How to Hire the Right Employment Law Attorney in Seattle

If you’ve found yourself browsing through employment law firm websites, or sifting through legal information on AVVO or FindLaw, chances are you’re in the middle of some type of dispute at work. We get it, late at night or before you head off to the office is the only time you have to do your research. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to hire the right employment law attorney in Seattle. First off, kudos to you for making the decision to do something about an injustice within the workplace. Second, we know that filing a workplace or employee rights complaint isn’t what you had in mind when you took your job. We’re here to help though, so that you don’t have to tackle this on your own.

Like most people, you were excited and full of hope when you started your job. Whether you’re working to pay your bills and provide for yourself and your family, or if you’re a professional in a career position, you put all you had into your work. You didn’t envision losing sleep over contemplating what law firm to retain to file a lawsuit against your employer. Look, there is no such thing as the “best” attorney, so trying to figure out which lawyer is the “top-dog” won’t help you. If anything, it will just confuse you. What’s really important is retaining the attorney you trust and have faith in. Let’s figure out how to do that, shall we?

Determining Which Seattle Employment Law Attorney is Best for You

Now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room we can put to bed trying to find the outright “best” lawyer. Now, what we’re about to discuss isn’t legal advice, and it’s not gospel or science either. It’s our opinion. After nearly two decades in the legal field, we believe our opinion has merit, but never the less, it’s just an opinion. So, take it for it’s worth and make up your own mind. These are just some tips we think are helpful when you’re stressing out over which law firm to trust with your employment law case.

  • What type of Employment Law Case do I have on my hands?
  • Do I want to hire someone with documented experience and success?
  • Does this lawyer have any online reviews?
  • What awards or accolades does this law firm have?
  • Other than law, what type of background does this attorney have?
  • Can I see myself communicating well with this attorney?
  • How did the consultation go and did I feel comfortable with this lawyer?

We’re going to touch on each of these items above. Again, we believe these are key points of info that you want to obtain and analyze prior to hiring an employment law attorney.

What type of employment law case do I have on my hands? 

When you want to file a complaint or a lawsuit, you need to know what type of issue you have on your hands. While on the surface this seems obvious, and in some cases it may be, in other situations it may not be so cut and dry. Take sexual harassment for example. If you’re being touched inappropriately, or verbally harassed, it’s usually clear and cut what the issue is. However, let’s say you’re a seasoned Sales Executive who’s being paid 1099 versus W2, maybe you have a misclassification issue. But if there are LOTS of sales reps just like you being misclassified, it may be a class action lawsuit.

The point is simple, talking to an attorney about your situation before you voice a concern to your company may give you the upper hand. Let one of our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys review your case and advise you on ways to approach the situation.

Do I want to hire someone with documented experience and success? 

This should be an easy question to answer. Look, if you were in the marketing for plastic surgery or a cosmetic dental procedure, you’d want to see some before and after photos. Hiring an attorney is just as an important decision. In fact, knowing how to hire the right employment law attorney in Seattle could make or break your case. Aaron Rocke has over 15 years of experience. Mr. Rocke has won numerous awards and has been recognized by AVVO with a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

Our team of Seattle Employment Law Attorneys take time each year to further their knowledge through continuing education. From AVVO to Martindale-Hubbell our peers also praise our law firm’s ability to assist employees with their legal needs.

Does this lawyer have any online reviews? 

Reading reviews gives you a chance to hear what other clients have to say about an attorney. Just like you, these people had similar legal issues. Our clients have become our biggest advocates. From Google to Yelp we have glowing five-star reviews. In addition to reviews, we also publish news articles and videos on our website. Once again, none of these are intended to be taken as legal advise BUT it does help you learn more about our law firm.

What awards and accolades does this law firm have? 

In addition to checking out online reviews and reading attorney bio’s, it may be helpful to get an idea about the history of the law firm. Essentially you want to know how successful the attorney, or the law firm, is in court. Our law firm has outstanding case results. In fact, we’ve handled some very complex and complicated employment law cases throughout the last 15 plus years. From sexual harassment and wage disputes, to class action lawsuits and convoluted corporate cases we’ve handled it all. Guess what, we’ve been extremely successful.

The attorney’s background and history 

When you hire an attorney you want to know more about them than just their work accomplishments. You want an attorney you trust and that you feel confident will see your case through. Aaron Rocke doesn’t run from a fight. He is calculated, intelligent, and knows how to strike. Mr. Rocke served in our country Armed Forces. As a Soldier in the United States Army Aaron RAN into fights and dangerous situations. His moral compass always points north. He doesn’t just do the right thing sometimes, he does the RIGHT thing EVERY time.

Can I see myself communicating well with this attorney? 

Communication is KEY. Different people have different personalities, and before you hire an attorney, you need to make sure you’ve found the right one. Mr. Rocke and his team of Seattle Employment Law Attorneys provide confidential consultations. During our meeting we will open the floor, allowing you to ask questions. We hope that by answering your questions and addressing your concerns you can get a feel if we’re the right attorneys for you.

How did the consultation go and do I feel comfortable with this lawyer? 

When you leave our office it’s up to you to make the final decision. You need to feel comfortable with us, and with our ability to serve your legal needs. Our job is to fight for your rights, and to protect your financial interests during an employment dispute. We believe in open communication. This is why we don’t take on tons of cases. Instead, we focus our attention on our clients. Some other law firms treat clients like a check, we don’t. You will get one on one support and constant updates with your cases legal status.

Knowing How to Hire the Right Employment Law Attorney in Seattle 

Hopefully, by reading this article you were able to take away a few tips. At the end of the day you can always pick up the phone and call us at (206) 880-3175. While this post was writing to help you know how to hire the right employment law attorney in Seattle, nothing beats speaking to an actual attorney. Give us a call now. We handle the following types of employment law disputes: