How to Hire the Right Employment Law Attorney

If you’re taking the time to read through our website, chances are you’re looking to hire an attorney. When you were first hired you probably had high hopes. Your current work position may just be a job, it also may be a career opportunity, regardless you have rights. When your employee rights are violated a lawyer may be required. However, knowing how to hire the right employment law attorney can be tricky. With so many Seattle Employment Law Attorneys marketing for your attention, how do you choose the one best for you?

Rocke Law knows that dealing with an issue at work isn’t easy. First, if you’re sitting in a career level position you may be freaking out about voicing a concern. We understand this well. You finished school, worked your way up the corporate ladder, and now you’re contemplating bringing the house down on a situation that needs to be brought to light. Or perhaps your working in the United States illegally and your unsure if you even have rights as an undocumented employee. We’re here to help answer these questions. Keep reading below to learn more.

What are my rights as an employee and can I keep my job if I file a work place complaint? 

Let’s address the elephant in the room. One of the most common concerns potential clients have is about keeping their job when filing a complaint at work. First and foremost, the State of Washington has strict laws that prohibit employers from firing employees for filing a compliant. This means that if you’re being sexually harassed or if you’re facing a wage and hour dispute, you cannot lose your job for speaking up. However, there are other situations that may not be as protected. So, what options do you have if you believe you’re being wronged at work?

Calling a Seattle Employment Law Attorney might be your best bet. Here’s why. An employment law lawyer understands the rules and regulations surrounding employment litigation. Aaron Rocke is a decorated and award winning employment law attorney. With over a decade of experience and a glowing reputation, Mr. Rocke just might be the lawyer you’ve been looking for. Our suggestion is for you to schedule a consultation. This way you can ask questions about your situation.

What steps should I take if I want to file a lawsuit against my employer? 

First and foremost, if you’ve been victimized in the workplace we want you to know that you have rights. Too many clients tell us that if they had known they had rights they would have spoken out earlier. Second, if you’re ready to fire back and fight for your rights we suggest calling us first. Prior to “showing your cards” and “displaying the hand your holding” let our law firm analyze your situation. It’s important for us to build the strongest case possible.

During your consultation with our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys we will analyze your case. You will get to ask us all the questions you want, and in turn, we will ask you questions. By sharing information and documenting your complaint with timelines and incidents that have occurred we can determine a proper course of action. Please call us at (206) 880-3175 today, we’re here to help.

How much does a Seattle Employment Law Attorney charge? 

Aaron Rocke and his team of Seattle Employment Law Attorneys charge no money upfront. We take cases very similar to how a Personal Injury Lawyer does. During our free consultation we will work together to identify strengths and weaknesses with your claim. If you determine that you have a viable complaint, and we take your case, we charge you NO ATTORNEY FEES until we win. That’s right, we fight for your financial rights. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Reading Online Reviews and Client Testimonials 

Another great thing you can do, if you’re wondering how to hire the right employment law attorney, is to read reviews. Reading online reviews and client testimonials can give you insight to other client’s experiences. Just like you the past clients probably had similar employment issues. By checking out what other past and present clients have to say about an attorney may give you information vital to making your own decision on who to retain.

Our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys are tenacious, trial-tested litigators. While we do everything in our power to obtain a quick and satisfactory financial settlement, if we believe you deserve more we will fight. Some other attorneys simply try to settle, we don’t. Our attorneys are not afraid to take a big business or global corporation to court. Call now and let’s discuss your legal options.