Meet Seattle Employment Law Attorney Sara Kincaid

Meet Seattle Employment Law Attorney Sara Kincaid. Sara focuses her practice on representing clients in the areas of civil litigation as well as employment law matters. From employment and commercial litigation to insurance defense and corporate-based employment immigration, Sara understands the complexities surrounding these areas of law. She is also well versed in the areas of federal and state workers’ compensation law. Ms. Kincaid brings with her experience and tenacious drive to Rocke Law in an effort to help employees understand their rights better. As an advocate for employee rights, Sara fights to protect her client’s financial interests during an employment law dispute. A graduate from Baylor University cum laude with a B.A. in history, she also earned her J.D. from the Baylor University School of Law. She is licensed in Texas as well as Washington.

If you have questions about a potential employment matter such as sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, unpaid overtime, or any work-related legal matter, please contact Ms. Kincaid right away. Sara understands that employees who are facing a potential legal matter have lots of concerns. She will take the time to meet with you and answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with legal insight.

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Seattle Employment Law Attorneys and Hiring the Right Litigation Law Firm 

The state of Washington has specific laws that are built to protect employees. From overtime and exemption laws to workers’ rights, people who are employed by a company have legal recourse if those rights have been violated. Unfortunately, understanding those rights and enforcing them can be tough. Most companies, especially large corporations, have HR departments and in-house legal teams. This can create a sense of fear and anxiety when an employee feels they have had their rights violated, or a workplace law has been broken. Thankfully, employees can hire their own legal team. Our Seattle employment law attorneys have been fighting for the rights of wronged workers for years. In fact, we have decades of experience. We know how to take on corporations, big or small, and fight for your best interests.

Finding the best Seattle employment attorneys and hiring the right litigation law firm may seem impossible. It’s not, you just need to ask the right questions. We believe that the best way to determine which law firm to retain is to talk with a lawyer directly. You can accomplish this by scheduling a consultation. During your consult, our Seattle employment law lawyers will listen to you, your situation, and they will gather information needed to provide you with proper legal advice. They will be honest and forthcoming, letting you know (based on our opinions) where you have strengths and potential weaknesses within your case.

Our job is to be honest, and most of all, fight to protect your best interests. We believe this starts with honesty and setting the right expectations. We understand the emotional and often angry feelings an employee has against their employer. Especially those who have fallen victim to sexual harassment or discrimination. Sometimes disputes can be resolved outside of court, sometimes they cannot. Our goal is to resolve your issue as promptly as possible and to provide you with the most favorable outcome.

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Employment Law Lawyers in Seattle, WA 

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our employment law lawyers in Seattle, WA dial (206) 880-3175 now.  Our office provides in-person consultations, as well as virtual consults via ZOOM. We understand that you may have lots of questions and that your situation demands immediate attention. While our website cannot provide you with legal advice, we can provide you with legal insight and advice during our consultation. We ask you to be patient and to not make any brash or rushed decisions, before speaking with a Seattle employment law lawyer. Above all else, it’s our opinion that you should not sign anything or agree to anything that your employer (past or current) presents or offers you until you’ve had time to discuss your situation with legal counsel.

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