Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

When multiple employees have been victimized by an employer or business, it may be possible to file a class action lawsuit. The Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys at Rocke Law are tenacious litigators. We know how to take on BIG businesses and corporations that take advantage of hard-working employees. If you and other coworkers feel that your workplace rights as employees have been violated, please contact our law firm today.

Class Action Lawsuits are different than standard employment law complaints. A class action lawsuit essentially means that multiple victims are coming together to sue an entity or person. There is another type of lawsuit that also deals with large groups of people known as Mass Tort Lawsuits. While the two types of lawsuits sound similar on the surface, they are in fact, very different. Filing a class action lawsuit in the State of Washington takes preparation. This is why the Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys at Rocke Law take their time and perform a significant amount of due diligence. We investigate business entities and situations when a client comes to us with a potential class action lawsuit. 

The Seattle Employment Law Lawyers at Rocke Law understand the complexity and complicated nature of class action lawsuits. We are here to FIGHT for you, and the State of Washington is too. The law is on YOUR side, and we work diligently to protect large groups of employees who have been wronged by their employer. 

Please, scroll below to learn more about what Rocke Law can do to file a class action lawsuit on your behalf. 


Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys
Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys
Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys
Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys
Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Rocke Law handles major class action lawsuits in the state of washington

Washington is home to major corporations, businesses. Amazon, Starbucks, and other Global Corporations hold their headquarters in our state. While this has provided new job opportunities, and helped our economy grow, it has also opened our eyes to potential workplace violation issues. Unfortunately, employers sometimes bend the rules. When employment laws are broken, and employees are taken advantage of, a class action lawsuit might be possible.

If you’ve been wronged by your current or past employer, you DESERVE to be heard. When you and multiple other employees all have the same issue with your employer, you may need to file a class action lawsuit. All of you deserve to be compensated, and we can help.  As top-rated Seattle Employment Law Attorneys we know how to fight for your financial rights after having your financial rights violated in the workplace.

If you and other coworkers have been forced to work undocumented overtime, if you have been abused or harassed sexually, or if your working conditions are unsafe please call our law firm now.

We also urge ALL victims of these types of issue to speak up and step forward. Even if you are an undocumented worker or if you are illegal here in the United States, you STILL have rights. If we want to protect employees against large corporations and businesses from believing they can operate this way we must work together. Rocke Law fights to stop employers from allowing these types of toxic acts from occurring in the first place.

If you and other coworkers have been wronged by a present or past employer, call us now. Whether you’ve fallen victim to sexual harassment, overtime and wage issues, or discrimination allow our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys to fight for your financial rights.

Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys


Who are the Best Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys in Seattle?

This is very good question, however, it’s impossible to answer. There is no such thing as the best attorney. Every attorney website you visit, and typically every lawyer you talk to, feels they have an edge in the court room. It’s what makes a lawyer a lawyer, the confidence to take a case to court and fight. Instead of trying to find the “best” lawyer, we advise clients to try and hire the attorney they trust and feel comfortable with. There are a lot of good Employment Law Attorneys in Seattle and Bellevue. If you’re trying to determine which attorney to hire, you may want to check out online reviews. 

Reading online reviews gives you an opportunity to get information about past and present clients who have worked with a lawyer. Some of the clients may even have issues and cases just like yours and reading testimonials can give you insight into their experiences with a certain law firm.

Aaron Rocke is a tenacious, yet tender-hearted, Employment Law Attorney. Mr. Rocke is calculated, confident, and a isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with any one in court. He has a PERFECT 10 out of 10 AVVO rating. Martindale Hubbell, a leading national attorney review board, has also awarded Aaron Rocke with a 4.9 out of 5 score. From Yelp to Google Rocke Law also have glowing five-star reviews.

If you believe you and other employees have had your rights violated within the workplace, you may want to talk to a lawyer right away.  These types of cases are known as Class Action Lawsuits and are complex. Rocke Law is a decorated Seattle Employment Law Firm, we understand how to prepare and to litigate complex class action cases. We offer a complementary and confidential consultation. During your consult you will meet with our attorneys, and you can ask all of the questions you want. We will address your concerns and hopefully come up with a plan of action that will best protect your financial interests. 

Rocke Law FIGHTS to PROTECT employees who have had their rights violated in the workplace – CALL US NOW for a FREE consultation

Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys


Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys


What Types of Employees can File a Class Action Lawsuit in Seattle, WA?

A lot of times class action lawsuits deal with the abuse and neglect of hardworking employees. Those who are working in hospitality, food, and at restaurants are often asked to work off the clock or to get paid under the table. However, class action lawsuits are not just limited to labor workers, in fact, a lot of sales professional and account executives may be improperly classified. These types of situations may also fall under class action lawsuit guidelines.

The point is that if you and other coworkers believe your rights have been violated within the workplace don’t be afraid to speak up. Fear of being fired or “black-listed” from the industry sometimes stops employees from sticking up for themselves. We SAY SPEAK UP. The State of Washington has specific laws that protect employees and their rights to file complaints without being fired. It is illegal for your employer to terminate you for filing a workplace violation complaint alleging harassment, discrimination, wage and hour disputes, or wrongdoings.

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If you and other coworkers have made the decision to seek the help of a class action attorney, we can help. Employers who are brash enough to violate large groups of employees MUST be stopped. There is NO ROOM for abuse, discrimination, harassment, or improper wage payments within the workplace. We’re glad you’ve made the courageous decision to stick up for yourself, and our Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys are here to protect your rights. However, let’s take a minute to discuss some issues with class action lawsuits. These types of cases are very complex and complicated. 

Seattle, Bellevue, and the State of Washington are home to some of the largest corporations in the World. Class action lawsuits often deal with dozens, to hundreds or thousands of employees all with the same types of employment issues. This means that when we file a lawsuit, it’s typical against a major corporation. 

Big businesses and global corporations have billions of dollars at their disposal. This means they have the financial wherewithal to put up a fight. Rocke Law therefore needs to prepare for this type of legal battle. As experienced litigation attorneys, we know how to perform our due diligence. We thoroughly investigate these types of legal claims. By building a strong case, and gathering evidence, we can help our client’s chance of obtaining a satisfactory financial outcome.

Rocke Law encourages you to speak up and to defend your rights as an employee regardless of the circumstances. Scroll below to learn more about some questions about filing a class action lawsuit in Seattle, WA.

Seattle Sexual Harassment attorneys
Seattle Sexual Harassment attorneys
Seattle employment law attorneys

If I am an undocumented worker, can I still file a class action lawsuit?

Yes, if you’re an undocumented worker or an illegal alien here in the United States you STILL have rights. In fact, a lot of undocumented workers are taken advantage of because they are too afraid to say anything. Employees who work in restaurants, fast food, and labor-based jobs are often the easiest targets for shady employers. We can help, and we know how to take on big corporations. 

Can we get fired if we file a class action lawsuit? 

No, the State of Washington protects employees who speak up about violations within the workplace. You cannot get fired for filing a class action lawsuit. 

What are whistleblower laws and do they protect me from filing a class action lawsuit?

Whistleblower laws are designed to protect employees from retaliation for speaking up about wrongdoings within the workplace. From financial fraud to sexual harassment, even wage and hour claims can be protected by whistleblower laws. Essentially, these are rules created to protect an employee or group of employees from being attacked by an employer for bringing an issue to light. 

How much does a class action attorney in seattle cost?

Rocke Law takes these types of cases on a contingency fee basis, very similar to how personal injury lawyers work. This means we do not charge our class action lawsuit clients ANY MONEY upfront. Our consultations, discovery, and legal work is done so without a penny paid from our clients. We are ONLY financially compensated if we win and can obtain money. This means we are financially vested to FIGHT for your rights and to WIN the case.

Schedule a Consultation with Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

If you and other coworkers are currently being victimized or wronged within the workplace call our law firm now. Don’t let another day go by, and don’t feel afraid to speak up. Rocke Law is home to award-winning Seattle Employment Law Attorneys who know how to fight for your rights. The State of Washington also enforces strict laws that protect employees. You have every right to file a lawsuit or complaint and still keep your job.



If you and other employees are being victimized, abused, or taken advantage of in the workplace call our law firm now. Rocke Law is a decorated Seattle Employment Law Firm. We FIGHT for the rights of employees in the State of Washington, call us now to schedule a free consultation with a Seattle Class Action Lawsuit Attorney. If you would like to come in as a group, we can arrange as well. We service the entire State of Washington.

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