Seattle employment law attorneys

The Seattle Employment Law Attorneys at Rocke Law are trial-tested litigators. While other law firms may attempt to rush a settlement, Rocke Law takes their time to fight for the best possible outcome. Mr. Rocke and his team of Seattle Employment Law Lawyers are dedicated to their client’s needs. At Rocke Law you work directly with your attorney, you’re not bounced around from junior associate to junior associate. We know that your job and career are important to you. Likewise, coming to the conclusion that you need to file a lawsuit against your employer isn’t easy. Our attorneys therefore give our clients their full attention, respect, and care when we’re hired to handle a case. Scroll below to learn more about Rocke Law.

Top-Rated Seattle Employment Law Attorneys

When you first get hired for a new job, you’re excited, and you cannot wait to tackle new tasks. Many people love what they do for work, and for professionals, their careers are a major part of their lives. As top-rated Seattle Employment Law Attorneys we know what it’s like to dedicate years to a profession. We also know what it’s like to invest decades of time, only to be harassed and abused by your employer. That’s why we fight for our clients. It’s what we do best. 

If you’ve been wronged by a present or past employer, call us now. Whether you’ve fallen victim to sexual harassment, overtime and wage issues, or discrimination allow our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys to fight for your financial rights. 

Seattle employment law attorneys
Seattle employment law attorneys

When Shoud I Hire an Employment Law Attorney?

This is a good question, and it’s a tough one too. Look, when you’re working for a company and building a career, you are investing your time. Most people put everything they have into their career. It’s how you support your lifestyle, your family, and often people love their work. So, coming to the realization that you’re being wronged or taken advantage of at work is a tough pill to swallow. 

Unfortunately, some employers break the law. Yes, there are not just “rules” that employers must follow, there are very specific laws they must follow. In fact, sometimes breaking these laws isn’t just a civil litigation issue, it’s a criminal matter. Our job is to protect employees and to defend their rights.

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, ordered to bend and break rules by your company, or if you’ve been sexually harassed you may want to talk to a lawyer. 

Rocke Law is a decorated Seattle Employment Law Firm, we provide a confidential consultation. During your consult you will meet with our attorneys, and you can ask all of the questions you want. We will address your concerns and hopefully come up with a plan of action that will best protect your financial interests. 

Rocke Law Fights for the financial rights of employees who have been wronged by their employer 

Seattle employment law attorneys
Seattle employment law attorneys

Will I get Fired if I file an Employment Law Compliant against my boss?

A lot of times employees who are being victimized at work are too afraid to speak up. Fear of being fired, not believed, or “black-listed” from the industry sometimes stops employees from sticking up for themselves. We SAY SPEAK UP. The State of Washington has specific laws that protect employees and their rights to file complaints without being fired. It is illegal for your employer to terminate you for filing a workplace violation complaint, or to file a lawsuit alleging harassment, discrimination, or wrongdoings.

What Questions Should I ask an Employment Law Attorney? 

Making the decision to contact an employment law attorney typically means you’re ready to sue your employer. If you’ve been sexually harassed or discriminated against, your emotions may be high. Rightfully so, you’ve been wronged within the workplace, and you’re pissed off and upset. A lot of time people have lots of questions and things they want to know. However, once they get in front of an attorney, they forget some of the questions and concerns they wanted answers about. 

This is why Rocke Law recommends that prior to coming into our office for your consultation to write down all of your questions. When you meet with our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys you will want to get as much information as you can. Questions about how litigation works, the steps to filing a law suit, and financially driven questions are always topics that come up. 

Rocke Law encourages you to speak up and to defend your rights as an employee. Below are some additional things you may want to consider if you’ve been wronged within the workplace. 

Seattle employment law attorneys
Seattle employment law attorneys

Was anyone else at work also harassed or wronged?

Too often if an employer is brash enough to harass or mistreat you, they’re doing it to other employees as well. There can be strength in numbers, and sometimes we can file class action lawsuits. Think if anyone else at work has been wronged like you have. If so, bring this to our attention during your consultation. 

When did the harassment or wrongdoings start?

The more details and information you can provide us, the better we can advise you of our legal opinions. Try to write down when the abuse, harassment, or wrongdoings started. Also, if you can back track and right down some dates of specific events that can also be helpful information for us when we meet in person.

Do Any Other Managers Know About What’s Going on?

Sometimes it’s not the company who is at fault but instead a rogue manager or supervisors. However, sometimes other managers know what’s going on but they turn a blind eye and ignore a wrongdoing. This may make them copiable and also wrong. We want to know about things like this, so try and remember if anyone else in management is aware of the issues you’re experiencing.

Schedule a Consultation with Seattle Employment Law Attorneys

If you’re currently being victimized or wronged within the workplace call our law firm now. Don’t let another day go by, and don’t feel afraid to speak up. Rocke Law is home to award-winning Seattle Employment Law Attorneys who know how to fight for your rights. The State of Washington also enforces strict laws that protect employees. You have every right to file a lawsuit or complaint and still keep your job.

In turn, if you’ve been wrongfully terminated or if the abuse was so bad you left your job, you can STILL sue your past employer. You STILL have rights as an employee even if you’re no longer there. Call our law firm now to schedule a consultation.

Seattle employment law attorneys