Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys

Employees are the backbone of any quality company. Sometimes employers take advantage of hardworking employees. If you’ve been asked to clock out and then work undocumented overtime, or if you have been let go by an employer but not paid your correct wages, we can help. For commission-based employment, sometimes employers treat you like a W2 employee yet pay you on a 1099 Self Employed schedule, which is illegal and done so for tax purposes that benefit the employer but hurt the employee. 

The Seattle Employment Law Attorneys at Rocke Law FIGHT for the rights of employees. If you, or a group of coworkers have been wronged by an employer please call our law firm today. Washington State enforces strict Wage and Hour laws to protect workers. Employers are required to follow and obey these laws. When an employer or company fails to do so, an employee has the right to file a complaint and sue. This means you may be entitled to a financial recovery. 

If you believe you have been a victim of a Wage and Hour dispute, or if you’re currently owed money by an employer, call Rock Law NOW. Please, scroll below to learn more about what Rocke Law can do to help you fight a wage and hour dispute claim. 

hire a wage and hour dispute attorney in seattle, wa

If you’ve decided to hire a wage and hour dispute attorney in Seattle, WA we can help. Rocke Law is home to some of the most tenacious and trial-tested Seattle Employment Law Attorneys. Mr. Rocke personally meets with his clients and addresses your concerns and answers your questions. Employees who have wage and hour disputes are owed money and financial compensation. When people aren’t paid the money they are owed, it can create a lot of financial stress. We know this, and we work quickly to help our clients resolve these types of employment issues. 

You work your job in order to provide for yourself and your family. As top-rated Seattle Employment Law Attorneys we know how to fight for your financial rights when an employer owes you money. 

If you have been asked to clock out and then stay later to work overtime off the clock, this is a violation. An employer may do this to avoid paying double pay or overtime wages. Some employees force account executives to clock in, clock out, and to work specific set hours but pay the employee on a 1099 self-employed basis. This strips the employee of all of the benefits that a W2 employee is entitled too, all while saving the company money on taxes. Once again, this is a violation. 

The point is simple, if you feel that your boss or employer is violating your employee rights, give us a call. Wage and Hour disputes are serious workplace violations, and you may be owed a substantial amount of money. At Rocke Law, we want to protect employees against employers who take advantage of financial situations that hurt their workers. 

If you’re owed money by a present or past employer, call us now. Whether you’ve fallen victim to misclassification of employment, unpaid overtime, or if you have a  wage dispute, allow our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys to fight for your financial rights. 

Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys


How Can I sue my boss if I am owed money?

This is very good question, and as Seattle Employment Law Attorneys we can help answer it for you. If you believe that your boss or employer owes you money, we need to gather some information from you first. Sometimes employees are owed money because they were forced to work undocumented overtime and weren’t paid for it. Other employees may have been paid incorrectly or not paid enough. With executive type positions, like Sales Jobs, the biggest issue we see deals with improper employment classification. This means your employer may be paying you on a 1099 schedule but in all reality, you’re treated like a W2 employee.

There are a lot of reasons why you may be seeking the help of Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute Attorneys. In addition, there are a lot of good Employment Law Attorneys in Seattle and Bellevue. Before you hire an Employment Law Firm to take your case, we suggest reading online reviews about a particular attorney. Rocke Law as a whole has glowing five-star testimonials and client reviews. Mr. Aaron Rocke has a perfect 10 AVVO rating and a 4.9 out of 5 Martindale Hubbell score. If you would like to speak to Mr. Rocke, or any of the Seattle Wage and Hour Attorneys at Rocke Law, please call us at (206) 880-3175 now.

If you believe you’re owed money by an employer, or if you feel you’re being wronged by your boss, you may want to talk to a lawyer right away.  Rocke Law is a decorated Seattle Employment Law Firm, we provide a confidential consultation. During your consult you will meet with our attorneys, and you can ask all of the questions you want. We will address your concerns and hopefully come up with a plan of action that will best protect your financial interests. 

Rocke Law FIGHTS to PROTECT the financial rights of employees in Seattle, Bellevue, and all of King County, WA

Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys

Are you owed money by your employer? We can Help – call our law firm 

Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys
Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys

Will I get Fired if I file A Wage and Hour Complaint Against my Employer in Seattle, WA?

A lot of times hard working employees are too afraid to speak up. Fear of being fired, not believed, or being unable to obtain new work sometimes stops employees from sticking up for themselves. In addition, if an employer is taking advantage of you and others just because you’re an undocmented worker within the United States, you STILL have RIGHTS. We SAY SPEAK UP. The State of Washington has specific laws that protect employees and their rights to file complaints without being fired. It is illegal for your employer to terminate you for filing a Wage and Hour Dispute in Washington.

Questions to ask Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute Attorneys 

When you take a job, or accept a new career position, you do so with the best of intentions. Most people love what they do, and in some cases invest years of schooling to acquire the skills to perform specific job duties. Other workers dedicate hours to hard labor, and break their back, all in an effort to support their children and families. Regardless of what you do for a living, it’s how you pay your bills. It’s how you put food on the table, clothes on your kids backs, and a roof over your family’s head. When an employer takes advantage of your hard work, and doesn’t pay you correctly, you DESERVE compensation. 

At Rocke Law we FIGHT for the rights of employees. You DESERVE to be treated with respect, appreciation, and you deserve to be paid what you are owed. The hard work and dedication you display helps your employer make a lot of money. The financial profits of the company you work for rest partially in YOUR hands. That means you deserve to be paid. 

If you’ve been wronged by a past or present employer, you may want to speak with a Seattle Employment Law Attorney. Most people have all sorts of questions and concerns they want to address, below is a brief list of a couple items that come up a lot during our consultations. Scroll below to learn more. 

Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys
Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute attorneys
Seattle employment law attorneys

What if there are multiple workers who want to sue for wage and hour violations?

If you and other coworkers are being forced to work undocumented overtime, or are being paid under the table, call Rocke Law now. Sadly, a lot of undocumented workers who are desperate for money end up being abused and taken advantage of by business owners who know better. The State of Washington has specific laws that employers must follow, and when those laws are broken, litigation may be required.

The Seattle Wage and Hour Dispute Attorneys at Rocke Law are very familiar with large lawsuits known as class action lawsuits. In these types of situations, where multiple employees are victims of workplace violations, it may be possible for us to file a class action lawsuit. Call our law firm to find out more about how we can defend your financial rights and work to get you paid the money you’re owed.

What if I am an undocumented worker and I am owed money by my employer?

The State of Washington protects all workers who have been wronged by an employer. If you’re an undocumented worker, or an illegal citizen of the United States, you still have rights as an employee. The responsibility of hiring and paying workers falls back on the employer, we can help you get paid the money you’re owed. 

Can I file a lawsuit for unpaid overtime if I agreed to work off the clock hours?

Even if you agreed to work off the clock overtime, you may have a case. A lot of times employees are “pressured” by their bosses to do certain things they don’t want to do. If you were pushed to work overtime without being paid for overtime, call Rocke Law today for a free consultation. 

How do I know if I am being improperly classified by my employer?

Improper Classification of an Employee typically relates to Account Executives and Sales Positions. Simply put, a lot of sales reps are forced to clock in, clock out, work set hours. These are all requirements that normally fall under a W2 employment category. A 1099 categorization means you are self-employed, and act as a private contractor. Sometimes employers pay their sales reps on a 1099 schedule BUT manage and treat their sales reps like W2 employees. Business owners do this to avoid taxes, and it’s a MAJOR workplace violation. If any of this sounds like a situation you’re currently working in, call Rocke Law today for a free consultation.

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If you’re currently being victimized or wronged within the workplace call our law firm now. Don’t let another day go by, and don’t feel afraid to speak up. Rocke Law is home to award-winning Seattle Employment Law Attorneys who know how to fight for your rights. The State of Washington also enforces strict laws that protect employees. You have every right to file a lawsuit or complaint and still keep your job.



If you’ve been forced to work unpaid overtime, if you’re owed money for hours worked and haven’t been paid, or if you believe your employment has been improperly classified, call Rocke Law.

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