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The State of Washington has strict Employment Laws which are designed to protect workers. Employees are the lifeblood of companies, and too often, are taken advantage of. There are a plethora of ways that employee rights can be violated. From being forced to work undocumented or unpaid overtime hours to sexual harassment, your rights as an employee can easily be trampled. A Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney may be a powerful ally if you’re considering a lawsuit. We can help you with your complaint, find out more by scrolling below. 


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Discrimination is an unfortunate part of our everyday lives as Americans. Even though we are in the 21st Century, hatred, racism, bigotry, and discrimination still rear their ugly heads.  Our Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorneys  know how to fight for our client’s best interests. There are multiple ways that workplace discrimination can take place. 

Perhaps you were passed up on a promotion just because you are a certain gender. Maybe you were let go because of your age. Sometimes coworkers can cause gossip or run down another coworker because of their race or religion.

Regardless of the type of discrimination you’ve faced in the workplace, it’s wrong. Whether you’ve fallen victim to sexual harassment, overtime and wage issues, or discrimination allow our Seattle Employment Law Attorneys to fight for your financial rights. 

Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney
Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney

File a workplace discrimination lawsuit in seattle, wa

If you want to file a workplace discrimination lawsuit in Seattle, WA it may be a good idea to seek legal help.  It’s a horrible feeling to realize that you’ve been fired or turned down for a promotion because of your sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or age. Unfortunately, this happens every day. Good thing for you though, you have RIGHTS. A Seattle Employment Law Attorney may be able to help you fight workplace discrimination. 

Washington doesn’t take kindly to employers who discriminate against their employees. There are specific laws that are enforced by the State, and if you feel you’ve been wronged by an employer, we can help.  

Rocke Law is a decorated Seattle Employment Law Firm, we provide a confidential consultation. During your consult you will meet with our attorneys, and you can ask all of the questions you want. We will address your concerns and hopefully come up with a plan of action that will best protect your financial interests. 

If you’ve been discriminated against at work, we can help FIGHT for your financial RIGHTS

Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Schedule a Consultation with a Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney 

If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against due to your age, sex, or for any reason please call our law firm today. We know that speaking up isn’t always easy, but you DESERVE to defend your rights. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and your job is more than a paycheck. It’s how you support yourself and your family. 

Discrimination within the workplace needs to have a light shinned on it. Not only do you need to protect your financial rights, but if you don’t speak up more people will end up being harmed. An employer who commits acts of discrimination is most likely not just singling you out. 

Rocke Law encourages you to speak up and to defend your rights as an employee. Below are some additional things you may want to consider if you’ve been wronged within the workplace. 

Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney

How Many People Have Been Victimized or Discriminated Against?

Too often if an employer is brash enough to harass or mistreat you, they’re doing it to other employees as well. There can be strength in numbers, and sometimes we can file class action lawsuits. Think if anyone else at work has been wronged like you have. If so, bring this to our attention during your consultation.

Was there an incident that caused the act of discrimination?

The more details and information you can provide us, the better we can advise you of our legal opinions. Try to write down when the abuse, harassment, or wrongdoings started. Also, if you can back track and right down some dates of specific events that can also be helpful information for us when we meet in person.

Does Anyone Know that you were victimized at work?

Sometimes it’s not the company who is at fault but instead a rogue manager or supervisors. However, sometimes other managers know what’s going on but they turn a blind eye and ignore a wrongdoing. This may make them copiable and also wrong. We want to know about things like this, so try and remember if anyone else in management is aware of the issues you’re experiencing.

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Seattle Workplace Discrimination Attorney